Importance of Publishing Research Papers For Masters and Ph.D. Students

This article is about the importance of publishing research papers and the importance of peer-reviewed articles!

Question: Hello, Masters and Ph.D. Students. What is the importance of publishing research papers?


We all know research is essential to find answers to the unknown questions and fill the gap(s) in current literature. However, this is not something that always inspires Masters and Ph.D. students to research and publish. They need something very solid that would motivate them to do extensive research and eventually publish. In this article, we will know the importance of publishing research papers in peer-reviewed journals. 

To earn money:

Masters and Ph.D. students’ CVs need some outstanding information that would attract employers. In this regard, some published papers in peer-reviewed journals will definitely attract employers in academia and the research industry. 

Doing research and publishing in journals are very important key performance indicators (KPI) of academicians or researchers in many universities in different countries. Hence, to earn more, you have to research and publish because promotion to a higher level always brings extra money into your pocket. 

Research would allow you to explore in deep and help reach a conclusion, which could be right or wrong, but as you have read a lot, you have learned a lot. Your subconscious mind will store the knowledge that you have learned from research on an issue. Thus, you will be an expert in some particular areas that would develop your confidence to make viable arguments with colleagues and peers, who would admire you and get a promotion, especially when you are in academia. 

So, doing research and publishing papers in journals create the opportunity to earn money!

To Get Scholarship:

There are many scholarships for masters and Ph.D. courses in the universities, especially in developed countries in the UK, Europe, Australia, Japan, USA, Canada, and Middle Eastern countries. However, if you have at least one research paper published in a peer-reviewed journal, your application would be more preferred to the scholarship selection team. It is because you have already shown your passion and hard work regarding research. So to secure a good scholarship, you should have at least 2-3 published papers in peer-reviewed journals. 

To be Independent and Critical Thinker:

A published researcher paper in a journal indicates to a prospective employer that you have excellent power of endurance. Developing a research paper requires an investment of a long time being independent and critical to the issue. Thus, the article shows that you can think independently and critically and can complete a long project, i.e., a research paper of many pages.

Importance of Publishing Research Papers

Importance of publishing research papers

 To Developing Communication Skill and Network:

When a master’s or Ph.D. student writes a paper, he or she reads many articles of many authors, and sometimes he or she has to email them or even call them. As a result, it becomes easier for them to develop academic and research communication skills. This eventually gives an excellent opportunity to create and establish a network with intellectual people around the world. 

Furthermore, in writing and developing a detailed research paper, master and Ph.D. students can practically develop analytical and networking skills by themselves that are globally sought-after and incredibly beneficial.

To develop determination:

People often say that they are determined, but they are actually not. However, if you write a research paper and publish it finally, it shows your determination to achieve something by exploring more than hundreds of research papers. In the publication process, a student has to revise and resubmit papers to get acceptance. The entire process takes a long time and positive determination. Sometimes, they feel broken and frustrated, but they feel successful if they finally get the paper published. Hence, doing research and getting published a research paper makes a master’s and Ph.D. student determined. This ultimately makes every master’s and Ph.D. student determine what employers look for in the applicants.

Now, you know the importance of publishing research papers in peer-reviewed journals. Yes, you also know the importance of peer-reviewed articles in your CV. So, do research and publish. All the best!

Author: Dr. Md Asadul Islam, Assistant Professor BRAC Business School, BRAC University, Bangladesh


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