Online Submission

Online Submission

The contents of the manuscript(s) must be the sole responsibility of the author(s) and publication must not imply the concurrence of publishers and editors. Hence, we highly suggest the author(s) read the author guidelines of the respective journal before the online submission of manuscript(s). Author(s) must submit two files. They should contain the following elements:

1) Title Page File: This page should contain the full title of the paper with the author(s) name, institution(s), phone and e-mail address. The corresponding author must be highlighted for editorial correspondence.

Sample Format of Title Page File (Download)

2) Anonymous File: The anonymous file must exclude author identifying information. It must consist of the title of the manuscript, abstract including keywords of not more than 200 words and full manuscript including references.

Sample Formal of Anonymous File (Download)

Please fill in the required fields to submit your paper(s). Your submission will be acknowledged within 24 hours. 



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