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Volume 5 | Issue 10 | 2022

Arif Md. Khan* and Amer Hamzah Bin Jantan
Corresponding Author Affiliation*: University of Putra Malaysia (UPM), Malaysia
Transactional leadership is known as the required precondition for effective leadership. Less priority, on the other hand, has been given to the role of transactional leadership on work innovation. Due to given deficiency, this study examines the impact of transactional leadership to innovative work behaviour from the employees working under the supervision of manager in commercial bank of Bangladesh. In addition, the study also shed light on the moderating role of psychological empowerment in the relationship between transactional leadership and innovative work behavior. This study gathered data from 372 employees and analyzed the data by using SPSS and Smart-PLS based on a quantitative approach. The result of this study found transactional leadership has negatively impact innovative work behavior. Interestingly, this research finding shown that psychological empowerment moderates the relationship of transactional leadership and innovative work behavior in such manner when employee’s empowerment is lower relationship become weaker; relationship is high and relationship is negative. Our results, moreover, suggest from the perspective of leadership the moderate role of empowerment on the relationship between TNL and IWB should not be determined by the managers and leaders form the banking sector specifically commercial banks.
Keywords: Transactional leadership, Innovative work behaviour, Empowerment, Supervision of manager, Banking Sector, Bangladesh


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