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Volume 5 | Issue 7 | 2022

Title: The Glocal Marketing Strategies of Global Brands: Coca-Cola and McDonald’s

Author(S): Feriha Dikmen Deliceırmak

Corresponding Author Affiliation*: Girne American University, North Cyprus, Turkey


Changing lifestyles, economic facts, cultures in the world globalisation oriented. These changes can be described as Globalisation. Another factor affecting globalisation is the developments in information and communication technologies. With the development of technology, communication between countries has strengthened. Depending on the development of technology, the process of Globalization has also started. With the development of information and communication technology, what can reach the desired information quickly, and the selected country can be contacted soon. The story of technology in this context has enabled many brands to be unable to fit into the domestic market and to open up to the foreign market. The opening of brands to foreign markets has become mandatory with Globalisation. In the research, the differences between Globalisation and glocalisation are discussed. In this context, the research is based on the motto of Roland Robertson’s theory of glocalisation, “Think globally, act locally”. The global marketing strategies of Coca Cola and McDonald’s companies, which are among the international brands that adopt the motto mentioned earlier, are analysed to determine how they deliver the messages in the strategies they apply. Quantitative research in examining the data obtained in accordance with the purpose of the research. Content analysis, one of the methods, was used. Text analysis is one of the essential elements of the semiotic method. In this method, the connotations to be given while analysing the text are analysed. Every existing symbol has a message it wants to convey or convey, and the semiotic method enables this message to emerge.

Keywords: Globalization, Glocalization, Foreign markets, Marketing, Global brands



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