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Volume 5 | Issue 4 | 2022

Title: The Effect of Behavioral Work Environment on Employees’ Productivity in the Oil and Gas Sector in Libya

Author(S): Jafar Mohamed Mohamed Elayeb* and Arun Kumar Tarofder

Corresponding Author Affiliation*: Management and Science University, Malaysia


Businesses must push themselves to think creatively in order to uncover new modes of operation. This study is critical for determining how the behavioural work environment influences the productivity of Libyan employees. Workplace culture and productivity are two distinct challenges that are entwined in the secondary issue. This study provides a strong basis for anyone seeking solutions to the issue of poor job productivity. This research examines these aspects in order to get a better understanding of the behavioral environment’s effect on worker productivity. This report gives critical guidance to Libyan authorities on resolving this issue and enhancing the work environment in order to boost productivity. This inquiry gathered data via the use of a questionnaire. Multiple regressions were used to test the hypotheses. The researcher used stepwise and standard regression to accomplish the research purpose in this study. In general, linear regression analysis reveals that all factors pertaining to the behavioral environment are significantly associated with worker productivity. These results may be related to Herzberg Theory and the Maslow Need Hierarchy. To the best of the researcher’s knowledge, no scientific study on the effects of behavioral settings on worker productivity has been conducted. That is why it is critical for Libyan government officials and policymakers to comprehend this research.

Keywords: Behavioral factors, Productivity, Employees, Oil and gas, Libya.



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