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Volume 5 | Issue 4 | 2022

Title: An Investigation to the Impact of Career Education, Interpersonal and IT Skills on Graduate Employability in Bangladesh

Author(S): Md. Hasan Shimum Wahab*, Amer Hamzah Jantan, Mohammad Abdul Matin Chowdhury, Sazali Abdul Wahab and Md Asadul Islam

Corresponding Author Affiliation*: Putra Business School, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


Lack of graduate employability has become a crucial phenomenon among higher education providers and employers in different countries. Several attributes were found as significant determinants in enhancing graduate employability in previous studies. However, few studies relating to graduate employability have been examined in the context of Bangladesh where a large number of students are gaining their graduation hats from public and private universities and other institutions every year. Hence, to shed light on this issue, researchers aimed to examine the determinants of graduate employability in Bangladesh. Using the purposive sampling technique, survey data was collected from final year students and recent graduates. A total of 200 data was analysed using multiple linear regression. The results showed that career education and interpersonal and information technology (IT) skills significantly enhanced graduate employability. Discussions and implications of the findings have been articulated along with the concluding remarks at the end of the study.

Keywords: Graduate employability, Public university, Private university, Career education, Interpersonal skills and information technology (IT) skills



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