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Volume 5 | Issue 4 | 2022

Title: Factors Affecting Educators’ Psychological Wellbeing Amid Covid-19 Pandemic: A Quantitative Approach

Author(S): Sultan Rehman Sherief* and Shabina Rehman

Corresponding Author Affiliation*: Management & Science University, Malaysia


Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically transformed the traditional business process, especially in education sector. Due to the social distancing, compulsory lockdown changes the way teacher conduct class in a regular basis. Education sector has embraced technological innovation immediately after the announcing lockdown worldwide. This madidate enforce lecturer switching their traditional classroom to online classroom. Many related studies identified that this dramatic shift negatively affect lecturer’s not only productivity but also psychological wellbeing. In fact, many prior studies utterly agreed there is a lack of understanding on how do these changes affect lecturer’s psychological wellbeing. Hence, this study investigates the causes of lecturers’ psychological wellbeing in the Job demand and control model. A conceptual model was tested which consisted of three independent, one moderating and dependent variables. Four hypotheses were proposed based on the conceptual model. Quantitative and cross-sectional approach were used to test and collect primary data. A structured questionnaire was developed adopting from prior studies and distributed to the lecturers from different private and public universities across West Malaysia. Based on two-month effort, this study managed to get 431 respondents, which considered a valid sample size for conducting any statistical techniques. Findings of this study confirmed that high job demand and control has significant negative effect on lecturers’ psychological wellbeing, especially during pandemic. Institutional support, however, significantly improves and elevates lecturers’ psychological wellbeing. Findings also confirms that social support during covid 19 significantly moderate the relationship between job demand and control with lecturer’s psychological wellbeing. In other words, social supports help mitigating negative effect of job demand and control on lecturers’ psychological wellbeing. This study is one of the limited studies emphasizing on lecturers instead of employees in general. These findings help educational institutions understanding the dark side of high job demand and control on their lecturers’ psychological wellbeing, subsequently design an effective work life balance environment for their lecturer.

Keywords: Covid-19, Psychology wellbeing, Job Control, Job demand, Social support, Institutional support, Lecture.



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