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Volume 4 | Issue 12 | 2021

Title: Sustainable Corporate Entrepreneurship of Publicly Traded Commercial Banks: A Developing Country Perspective

Author(S): Md. Rabiul Islam, Md. Abdur Rashid and Md. Nuruzzaman*

Corresponding Author Affiliation*:  University of Rajshahi (RU), Bangladesh


This paper aims to create empirical support about Creating Shared Value (CSV) notion developed by Porter, M.E. and Kramer, M.R. (2011). To accomplish the aim, the study has developed a set of decision rules to recognize banking products or services that can be characterized as Sustainable Corporate Entrepreneurship (SCE). This has been done by reviewing the literature of SCE, CSR, and CSV in the domain. Hereafter, it has made content analysis of annual reports of randomly selected banking corporations in light of the decision rules developed earlier. The purpose is to explain if CSV notion can be used as credible evidence of current SCE practices in the context of developing country like Bangladesh. To attain this purpose, the study has randomly selected 50 percent of the commercial banks out of 30 DSE listed commercial banks in Bangladesh. The study has found that banking corporations are engaged in SCE, though their performances on that are increasing in absolute terms (over the year), not in relative terms (over general investment). Moreover, financial performance remains constant for banks that are engaged exceptionally in SCE. Hence, the findings somewhat support the CSV notion to explain the current practices of SCE.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Sustainable entrepreneurship, Sustainable corporate entrepreneurship, Corporate social responsibility, Creating shared value, Shared value



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