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Volume 4 | Issue 7 | 2021

Title: The Increasing Importance of Democratic Organizations in the 21st Century: An Explorative Essay

Author(S): Nimet Harmanci and Feriha Dikmen Deliceirmak*

Corresponding Author Affiliation*: Girne American University, Turkey


It can be said that the need for people to live collectively and to meet their various needs together is influential in the emergence of organizations. At the same time, it can be argued that the developments in social, economic, political, and cultural fields played a role in changing the organization’s concept over time. While the organization process and organizational structure can show the relations and communication channels between employees in an organization, democratic participation is also vital for the success of the decisions. The organizing process also determines the activities that should be carried out in line with the organization’s goals. Democracy can be associated with freely exercising one’s rights and expressing his ideas. In this respect, Democracy, which can also be considered a lifestyle, can be reconceptualized in organizations with new approaches. It can be said that the success of organizations today is related to the participation of superiors and subordinates in activities such as planning, decision-making, and implementation in all matters and to express their opinions, in other words, to adopt a democratic lifestyle. Today, companies in many countries of the world make their employees a shareholder in their companies for purposes such as motivating their employees, ensuring their commitment to the company and working towards the goals of the company such as performance and profitability, creating a competitive strategy and taking advantage of various tax advantages. This practice is called “employees’ stock ownership plan (ESOP).” However, this essay aims to further explore the role and importance of democratic organizations on job motivation and job satisfaction so that current literature can be enriched and managerial perception regarding those organisations can be developed.

Keywords: Democracy, Democratic Organizations, Job Motivation, Job Satisfaction, ESOP



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