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Volume 3 | Issue 1 | 2020

Title: The Influence of Quality on Consumers’ Purchase Intention between Local and Multinational Cosmetic Firm

Author(S): Md. Faisal-E-Alam

Corresponding Author Affiliation*: Begum Rokeya University, Bangladesh


The main aim of the study is to identify the influence of quality in customers’ buying decision toward choosing between local brands and multinational brands. Students from school, college, university have taken as respondents based on stratified cluster sampling technique. Primarily, Stem-and-leaf Test and Q-Q Bloxplot have been directed that determine the normality of study data. Then Sharpio-Wilk Test is used to observe Homogeneity of Variance. Finally, Group Statistics and Levene’s Test of Equality of Variance has been conducted to identify the mean percentage of both local and multinational firm as well as to determine the role of quality in purchase decision making between local and multinational cosmetic firm and interpret the results. The finding from this study is quality as an influential buying behavior helps customer to select multinational firms when they purchase cosmetic product.  Moreover, customer avoid buying of local cosmetic products because of quality.

Keywords: Quality, Buying Behavior, Local Cosmetic Firm, Multinational Cosmetic Firm


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