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Volume 4 | Issue 3 | 2021

Title: The Root Cause of Migration in Southeast Asia: Apply the Migration Results Index

Author(S): Minh Doan Van 

Corresponding Author Affiliation*:  Dai Viet College, Vietnam


The main objective of this paper is to find out the main causes of migration and the socio-economic benefits of labour migration in Southeast Asia. Applying the Migration Results Index (MOI) as an analytical tool revealed that the potential benefits of labour migration that have not been maximized in the region and explores the causes of the growing prevalent migration problem in Southeast Asia. The study findings that in the ASEAN region, remittances from migration have not been fully utilized, and pointed out that there are many different reasons for the migration of people in Southeast Asia throughout history, they may change their place of residence due to reasons such as economy, family reunification, study, environment. In general, each of those causes often contains factors that push and attract people to migrate. The factors driving migrants are tied to the country they are trying to leave, often issues where its consequences make people want to move. The factors that entice migrants are often attractive in countries/regions with developed conditions that attract the attention of others. The results show the need for a change in migration and development policy in ASEAN. Governments can adjust to improve migrants’ job skills development opportunities, avoid large debts, support, and improve policies against illegal migration, human trafficking, and human rights protection. of migrants. migrate.

Keywords: International Labour Migration, Southeast Asia, ASEAN



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