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Volume 4 | Issue 3 | 2021

Title: Knowledge Management Processes and Organisational Effectiveness in Nigerian Deposit Money Banks

Author(S): Adudu, Chiangi Adudu; Indyer, Gideon Terlumun; and Belagu, Imo Terkaa

Corresponding Author Affiliation*:  Yaba College of Technology, Nigeria


The main objective of the study was to examine the effect of knowledge management processes on organisational effectiveness in Nigerian deposit money banks. Specifically, the study examines knowledge creation, acquisition, sharing and storage and organisational effectiveness in Nigerian deposit money banks. The data for the study was generated through a questionnaire which yielded 359 valid responses and was determined scientifically using Krejcie & Morgan (1970) from selected Nigerian deposit money banks with their operational head offices in Lagos-Nigeria as the population of the study. The study adopted survey design and the validity results of KMO, and Bartletts test indicate that variables are highly significant, and principal component analysis was suitable (.837). The test-retest result of reliability reported a reliability index of 0.872. Multiple regressions with the aid of SPSS version 21 were used to test the formulated hypotheses. Findings of the study show that knowledge creation (32.3%), acquisition (62.1%), sharing (42.4%), and storage (46.2%) have a positive significant effect on organisational effectiveness. The study recommends among others that management of Nigerian deposit money banks should aptly designed and encourage knowledge processes in their banks since it constitutes a valuable intangible asset for creating and sustaining exceptional competitive advantages in the Nigerian banking industry.

Keywords: Deposit Money Banks, Organisational Effectiveness, Knowledge Management Processes



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