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Volume 4 | Issue 1 | 2021

Title: The Effect of Interactive Multimedia to Improve the Cognitive Learning Outcome in Senior High School’s Student

Author(S): Roemintoyo; Agus Efendi; Mochamad Kamil Budiarto* and Hilmawan Wibawanto

Corresponding Author Affiliation*:  Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia


Technology use has been applied to many fields, including education as indicated with the development of handphone-based interactive multimedia. This research aims to examine the effectiveness of interactive multimedia in excretion system. This study was a quasi-experimental research with pre-post control group design. This research was conducted on the 2nd graders of Senior High School in East Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU) Regency. The result of t-test showed significance value of 0.038 (sig < 0.05). The difference of pretest and post-test mean values increases (gain) by 2.3 points in experiment class; it is higher than that in control class (1.6 points). Considering the difference of mean value, it can be concluded that experiment class is superior to control class. It indicates that the treatment using interactive multimedia affect significantly the improvement of students’ cognitive learning achievement. Thus, it can be concluded that interactive multimedia improves the students’ cognitive learning achievement effectively in experiment class.

Keywords: Interactive Multimedia, Excretion System, Student’s Outcome




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