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Volume 3 | Issue 4 | 2020

Title: Global Warming: A Study on the Determination of Global Social Responsibility Levels of Final Year Students in Faculties of Medicine in Turkey

Author(S): Cemil Orgev & Halil Demir*

Corresponding Author Affiliation*:  Istanbul Rumeli University, Turkey


This study consists of two sections. In the first section, through a literature review, the impact of global warming on environmental factors such as winds, storms, hurricanes were investigated. Global warming and its possible consequences rise of the sea or ocean levels, number of hurricanes, their continuity, height and cost of damage in the next 50 years were assessed through a literature review. Additionally, it was discovered through the literature review that senior medical students’ sensitivity to global warming and consequently to environmental health — had not been researched. In the second part of the study, the “Global Social Responsibility Scale” was administered to 431 final-year students studying at the faculties of medicine of Çapa, Cerrahpaşa, Hacettepe and Sakarya Universities. Environmental sensitivity of the students was investigated. It was found that the vast majority of the students (76.57%) had not received any training on global warming until the time of the study. It was also found that the students receiving training had higher levels of awareness of global warming social responsibility. It is obvious that the adversities that will emerge due to global warming will negatively impact the lives of all living things. It is recommended to increase the level of “global social responsibility awareness” in terms of taking measures to stop the progress in this direction, protecting the habitats of living things on earth and ensuring the continuity of life.

Keywords: Global Warming, Environmental Pollution, Social Responsibility, Students of Medicine Faculty.


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