How can you make an International Research team and maintain it?

How can you make an International Research team and maintain it?

Question: How can you make an International Research team and maintain it?


Many research students, lecturers, especially early career researchers (ERCs) look for renowned researchers in their academic domain to get their papers published. However, many of them feel disappointed after few days, or months or even a year!

Why? How can researchers create a productive international research team with many renowned researchers i.e., professors?

In this article, the author is going to put some strategies, which will definitely be effective for you. Please read till the end because every point is important for you.

1. You have to think that every professor or renowned researcher is busy with their current projects because they research not only for their career but also for their passion. Therefore, if you would like one of them in your team, you will have identified a research idea or research topic related to the target professors. If it is not connected, they will not be interested in being part of it. You have to send an email with an invitation. In this regard, send an email from the university email address (ac or edu.); otherwise, your personal email may go to the junk or spam folder. 

2. Your research idea should be very contemporary, valuable, and useful for the academic and industry. Otherwise, the renowned target researcher might lose interest in working with you. 

3. Be careful to select any researcher for your team, especially when you see his or her name in 3rd or 4th or 5t fifth position in most of the papers. Because these types of researchers are not active researchers. 

4. If you have already found a professor who agrees to work with you, send a proposal or brief explanation about your research. But if the professor takes more than four weeks to reply, be careful to work with him because he or she is just wasting your time. This type of researcher or professor sometimes creates hope for you, but they will kill your time, passion, and enthusiasm. Don’t work with him. 

5. You should attend conferences, seminars, workshops where many senior researchers or professors attend and extend their hand to help. In this regard, be careful to select and think about the above aspects before you proceed. 

6. You should never think that you are stupid or incapable of doing research. You are unique and talented. It is just a matter of some strategies to know how to write an academic paper as well as how to publish it.  

7. Once you have a research team, you should be proactive in communication. Never delay in responding to emails and share your ideas in a polite manner. Try to write the emails with soft words but definitely briefly with key points rather than too many things, which may waste the valuable time of your research team member.   

Apart from the above strategies, you should have an account in ResearchGate, LinkedIn, Google Scholar and also become part of some research groups on Facebook where you may get some researchers who would be interested in working with you. 


Dr. Md. Asadul Islam, Lecturer

Swinburne University of Technology (Sarawak Campus)

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