English Language Editing

 English Language Editing

Research Publishing Academy (RPA) accentuates on the linguistic accuracy of every manuscript published. Therefore, all Non–Native-English-Speaking Authors are required to get their manuscripts edited by professional English language editors. Author(s) must provide a certificate confirming that their manuscripts have been adequately edited. A proof from a recognised editing service should be submitted together with the cover letter at the time of final submission of a manuscript (after revision based on reviewer comments) to RPA. All costs will be borne by the author(s). Author(s) may seek professional editing service from the following editors. However, the author(s) are not bound by these suggestions.

1. John Smith: johnsmithuk1983@gmail.com

2. Mathius Schmit: mschmit@rpajournals.com

3. Monica Christopher: Monica.Christopher@gmail.com

4. Crescentia Morais: baruchcres@gmail.com

5. Doreen Dillah: doreen.dillah@yahoo.com

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